About us

Your visit is a joy and a pleasure for our company.
We hope that this is just the first step of the business association in the common interest.

Basic features of our company are reflected in:

-to develop the broadest and highest business relationships with prestigious companies from Europe and the world in the field of medicine and processing of medicinal plants and wild fruits,
in its family character - wife, son and daughter are pharmacists, as with other employees - young and skilled team, a guarantee of quality and long-term involvement in this activity,
-the engagement of their capacity to protect and promote the health of the population of Montenegro
-To contribute to the establishment of quality control in Montenegro to a level that meets the highest standards in Europe and the world in the field of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biomedical products, food, water and the environment.
Yes its undoubtedly contributes to the development of high-potential consumer and eventful cooperation with universities and other educational institutions in these areas,
-through the development of its activities to establish cooperation with the wider circle of organizations and individuals in the use of natural resources on sustainable development principles.

Since the beginning of its existence the company FARMONT seeks better and more modern business organization, better business performance, monitoring, and adopting the latest and greatest information in the field - its primary activity, which resulted in the beginning of the most significant and challenging investment program Kosice - Crikvenica, which includes contemporary distributive center - the current activity (more about the area - development of the company).

In anticipation of that, we can satisfy your curiosity about some of the possible forms of cooperation can make contact with our company.

Executive Director
Dipl.ecc Momcilo Popovic